How to best prepare: Important information from the lodges:

This website aims to give you an overview of what to expect in the amazon. I do my best to prepare in terms of what to expect. Once you decide to go, you also need to have read through the info, notepad in hand from the lodges here. It's a shorter version of a lot of the info on this website but it's essential you read this thoroughly.

How much will it cost?

Thanks to the generosity of Rainforest Expeditions, your only expense will be getting there. The bus and boat transfers from the airport to the lodges is free. You will be invited to share the generous buffet meals prepared for the guests three times a day - and Peruvian food is something you can look forward to very much (daily menus and recipes here!). 

In-between, you might feel like a fresh fruit smoothie at the bar (try a Banana Monkey, I say no more). Some guests brought chocolate and granola bars with them but once you have had your first Pisco Sour, you may need to budget for a few more. Guests are encouraged to leave a tip at the end of their stay but as the staff will probably become your friends, you may think of more appropriate ways of saying thank you. Gifts of clothes are put to good use in the local community, for example, and you could also ask before coming if there is anything that is needed at the lodges.

Do the lodges accept cards?

Yes, you can use your card both at the bar and at the gift shop.  However, we do advise you to take some Sol so that you can tip the staff if you want to.

Where are the lodges?

The lodges are on the Tambopata River, adjacent to the Tambopata National Reserve. The TRC is actually inside the reserve. The Tambopata is a tributary to the Amazon. The rainforest around the lodges thus forms a continuum with the amazonian rain forests of Brazil, Bolivia and Columbia. The nearest town is Puerto Maldonado, which is in the far east of Peru, very close to the Bolivian border. Puerto Maldonado is also on the recently completed trans-oceanic highway.
Transfer times from Puerto Maldonado to the lodge is 3.5 hours. Posada Amazonas is a little closer to Puerto Maldonado and the TRC is a further 3.5 hours up the river still.

How do I get there?
You need to look at flights all the way to Puerto Maldonado. Most flights go through Cuzco but you might not have to get off the plane there. From abroad, this will usually mean flying into Lima, the capital of Peru and then two more flights to Puerto Maldonado (often the plane lands in Cusco on the way). You can use Skyscanner or Kayak to get an idea of flight prices.
IMPORTANT: your flights into Puerto Maldonado must arrive before 1pm, otherwise you will have to find a nights accommodation in town at your own expense and wait for a transfer to the lodge the next day. 
ALSO IMPORTANT: please if at all possible, book your flights with LAN. They have at least 2 a day that arrive before 1pm (outbound flights 2075 and 2081 and on return flights 2074 and 2080). There are two other companies that operate that may sometimes list a tiny bit cheaper but they are notoriously unreliable and prone to cancel flights which makes life very complicated for everyone involved. Also, you will be asked for you LAN flight no to confirm your booking and transport from the airport to the lodges

For a detailed account of the journey there and back click here

Is there anything to watch out for regarding my Visa?

Most nationalities are allowed 90 days stay on entry to Peru. However be aware of the filling scam: a South Korean resident was given only fifty days on entry (which she didn't notice) and was then fined a dollar a day for the 17 days she overstayed. Apart from the fact that she had a very long queue to pay it (it seems very many tourists had the same issue!) she also now has a stamp in her visa to the effect that she overstayed her visa. Possibly not a good thing for future visa applications. So, the thing to do is, on arrival at the Peru boarder, to double check and insist that you need the full 90 days or at least days to cover you until your return date.

Will I have to stay at the lodges the entire time?

If you wish to visit other places in Peru, we would prefer you to do this before or after your stay at the lodges in order not to complicate arrangements for the staff. While at the lodges, you need to ask advice of staff or guides before venturing our into the rainforest. You will discouraged from doing so on your own but if you are responsible and patient, you may earn the privilege. But be discrete about this as this will not be extended to tourists. For shops and supplies, you should be able to catch a ride on the boats to and from Puerto Maldonado almost on a daily basis, if you previously coordinate boat space with the manager. If you wish to interact with the local community who live in and around Puerto Maldonado, this is possible either as a day trip from Refugio or Posada (not from TRC) and needs to be coordinated with Rainforest Expeditions (ask for Jesus Duran, who is head of marketing and a member of the community himself). You could for example, interact with the school on weekdays or with adults at the weekends.

Internet access

Wifi is available at all lodges, including TRC, during the hours when the generators are turned on: 12:00 - 13:00 and 17:00 - 22:00.  However, please do not rely on having internet to work, the connection is average at best.  

Power adapters

The lodges power outlets are those which have 3 points, such as in the pictures below.  There are a mixture of plug sockets about the lodges, take a selection of European and American adaptors.

For other questions:

Have a look at the website of Rainforest Expeditions… or ask Nina Rodin or Abi Box directly (see how to apply page). You can also look up Refugio Amazonas on Tripadvisor, read reviews and see more photos there.

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